Gradient Light Board


The goal of this board is to perceive the gradient light from the luminescent lamp. It uses two identical APDS-9002 sensors with the load resistor 1k and the by-pass capacitor 10mkF. Board allows performing experiments with one or several light sources with gradient or non-gradient light-following strategies.

The board is pretty simple, scheme is shown below:

The output voltage can be fixed by the value of load resistor:

The C capacitors should filter about 100 Hz AC noise from luminescent lamps. However it is not really enough, therefore a software averaging filter is strongly advised. The output of the sensor goes directly to S1 and S2 inputs of the motors board, no additonal components are required.

3V are taken from the upper connector in the main board. For mechanical stability, the board should be fixed also by the second connector on the right side of the main board.

PCB design in EAGLE format can be downloaded from the section "documentation". The purchasing numbers in are:

  1. APDS-9002: 9613854
  2. R 1k SMD 0603: 9330380
  3. C 10mkF SMD: 197130