Filename Name Description Size Hits
Actions jasmineNavigation.wmv The first attempt tests with the first prototype, motion and obstacle scaning (6,18 Mb, WMV)
6.19 MB 233
Actions ScanningObjects.wmv Preliminary object recognition tests with the first prototype, scanning of objects (1,78 Mb, WMV) 1.79 MB 172
Actions remoteControl.wmv Remote control the second prototype (Jasmine-I), test of remote control, (818 Kb, WMV) 818.88 KB 131
Actions DiscorevyCh_4.wmv Building a spatial tree In this experiment a few robots build spatial structure with a high connectivity, see description in menu SWARM (4,5 Mb WMV) 4.47 MB 228
Actions DiscoveryCh_3.wmv Moving along a communication street In this experiment a robot moves along a communication street to achieve a final goal, see description of experiments in menu SWARM (6.9 Mb WMV) 6.89 MB 203
Actions DiscoveryCh_2.wmv Information propagation in a group In this experiment a message is propagated through a group of robots, robots calculate a distances over a group, see description in menu SWARM (4 Mb, WMV) 3.91 MB 187
Actions Col_percept.wmv Experiment with collective perception In this experiment robot-scout looks for specific geometries and then the whole group moves around this object and scans it, see description in the menu SWARM (17 Mb, WMV) 17.46 MB 232
Actions newCommunication360.wmv Experiments with the sensors board II In this experiment we measure 360° area covering by the Jasmine II robot, see description in the section "Jasmine II" (23 Mb, WMV) 23.41 MB 136
Actions NewCommunication.wmv Experiments with the sensors board II In this experiment we measure the probability of communication contact and communication distance by the robot Jasmine II, see description in the section "Jasmine II" 35.41 MB 148
Actions DemoForWarsaw.wmv Demonstration of Jasmine I capabilities This relatively large video (72 Mb) demonstrated capabilities of perception, navigation, communication and a few group capabilities of Jasmine I microrobot. 72.46 MB 296
Actions Broadcast5.wmv Spatial calculation In this experiment robots calculate distances between robot 1 and robot 5 (distributed spatial information processing) by using communication and sensing capabilities of Jasmine I, see description in menu SWARM 15.01 MB 212
Actions JasmineIII-motion.wmv Jasmine III Chassis and motion This video demonstrates a few motion capabilities of Jasmine III (WMV). 23.78 MB 257
Actions CommStreet.wmv Creating collective behavior with Jasmine SDK This video demonstrates how to create collective behavior with real swarm robots by using integrated SDK (do not forget to turn on sound) 43.96 MB 325
Actions simulation_Stop_Agent_06_07_06.avi simulation_StopAgent This video shows the Stop Agent scenario running in the Simulation System. When the leader robot (white robot) detects other robot, it send a message to the other for stopping. 4.22 MB 108
Actions simulation_CommunicationStreet 05_07_06.avi Simulation_Communication_Street This video shows the communication street scenario running in the simulation system. 4.90 MB 352
Actions simulation_StopLight_06_07_06.avi simulation_StopLight This video shows the Stop Light Scenario running in the simulation system. The robots move randomly until they are close to the light. When a robot detects the light, it stops itself. 9.28 MB 154
Actions jasmineEgoPos1a.avi Ego-Positioning This video shows the ego-positioning sensor in action. Jasmine has to find a hardcoded area (x:200, y:568, stop distance = 20 pixel). The algorithm is very basic: walk straight ahead until the distance gets larger. Than turn 90° to the desired position. 7.28 MB 218
Actions techInspiredAggregation.wmv This video demonstrates a few aggregation strategies (mainly tech-inspired) allowing aggregation in robotic swarm. 33.44 MB 306
Actions bioInspiredAggregation.wmv This video demonstrates bio-inspired aggregation approach tested in a swarm of Jasmine robots 77.48 MB 527
Actions leurre_rtbf.wmv This is TV report from LEURRE project - bio-inspired robotics and cockroaches 3.73 MB 155
Actions (alpha)NanoRoboterSwarms.wmv This is also TV reportage about bees and bio-inspired robotics, in this case Jasmine 87.10 MB 228
Actions Shows the dispersion of robots in a labyrinth without loosing contact to the swarm. 7.29 MB 255
Actions JASMINE Jasmine Game Shows the jasmine tag game in simulation and on real robots. 27.87 MB 256
Actions SlimeMold_mpeg4.avi Slime Mould Distributed Shortest Path solution 28.01 MB 197
Actions ColorSensor.wmv This demonstrates a few capabilities of color sensing (e.g. leaving and following colored trails -> "physical pheromone") 24.01 MB 243
Actions pheromones.avi Optical Pheromones Jasmine robots using virtual optical pheromones and egopositioning for foraging. 20.04 MB 210
Actions Robot-Robot-Recognition.wmv robot-robot recognition by using passive sensing 12.59 MB 299
Actions Quarks&Co-Das Geheimnis des Schwarms.mp4 This is the reportage of the famious TV-program "Quarks & Co" about swarms (with Jasmine and Swarm-bot robots). You need Real Player and open the file in www browser. 152.45 MB 223
Actions Quarks&Co-PartJasmine.mpg This is the part of "Quarks&Co" with Jasmine robots (mpg2 quality) 148.93 MB 308
Actions Delta-Jasmine.mpg This is very nice TV-reportage (from Delta, 3Sat channel) about swarm intelligence of bees and experiments with Jasmine robots. I-Swarm project is also discussed as well as some open points related to the Michael Crichton's vision of the "gangerous swarms of micro-robots". 254.88 MB 563
Actions AI5.mpg This video shows experiments related to different kinds of collective decision making in swarm and, more generally, to the capability of a swarm to survive in frendly (energy-low and energy-rich) enviroment 235.17 MB 375
Actions NewtonTV(I-Swarm-SYMBRION).mpg This is TV-report (done by ORF1) is about bees research and using Jasmine robots as well as about some ideas underlying the SYMBRION project 205.23 MB 129
Actions Hitec3SAT-OnLineGPJasmine.mpg TV-Hitec-(3sat channel). Experiment with on-line and on-board genetic-based evolving of search approach in a swarm of over 50 Jasmine robots. In this experiment the search space is pre-structured by destroying initial behavioural automaton (see more in papers) 41.92 MB 186
Actions Htech-3sat(20-01-08)Jasmine.mpg TV-Hitec-(3sat channel). This TV report is about optical-pheromone-based and genetic-based experiments with Jasmine robots and some new ideas towards symbriotic robotic life forms. 202.30 MB 513
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