Main board for Jasmine III


The main board is quite tricky, because we would like to have good communication capabilities of SBII and Megabitty's control in one board. The most difficult is the PCB design which has to prevent leakage of IR radiation without any additional isolation. For that:
  1. PCB should be "double covered" in the areas of receivers-emitters
  2. thickness of PCB should be enough to absorb direct leakage outside of "double covered" areas
  3. it should have expantion connectors which however do not hinder the optical isolation between receivers

Electronics of the main board.

The electronics is more or less "standard": microcontroller core, power regulator and IR-sensors. Power regulator provides 250 mA (500 max), it is enough for this application (whole power consumption lies about 50mA, impulse 100 mA). At design of exention boards please be sure about power consumption.

PCB-Geomerty of the main board in EAGLE 4.15 format can be downloaded from the section documentation.